OwlCappella is fortunate for it's relatively short career to have so many dedicated alumni and we'd like to thank them with all our hearts for their love, support, and devotion to the group. We are owls, forever and always.

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Bexx Rosenbloom, Music Education/Vocal 2012

Meagan Rudge, Music Education/Vocal 2011

Marguerite Zacharovich, Psychology & Economics 2012

Christine Oglesby, Musical Therapy 2013

Marie Jordan, Music Education 2015

Rachel Deery, Undeclared 2014

Rachel Pogolowitz, Jewish Studies 2012

Mary Rush, BTMM 2013

Ben Holloway, Music Education/Classical Guitar 2012

Ben Mascioli, BTMM 2014

Steven Tyler Poletis, Music Education 2013

Alex Keller, Music History Graduate 2011

Ian Gildea, Music Education 2015



Hari Kowtha, Law 2013

Tom McGovern, Theater 2014

Lisa Diehl, Speech Pathology 2014

Jenn DiBartolomeo, Psychology 2014

Abi Kelley, Psychology 2017

Nick Kelly, Psychology & Pre-Med 2014

Kevin Chemidlin, Computer Science 2014

Gray Tennis, Sociology 2014

Julian Castillo, Media Studies & Production 2015

Aly Strzalka, Music Therapy 2015

Tara Simpson, Music Therapy 2015

Scotlyn Brewer, Music Therapy 2017



Tyler Lawson, Music Education 2015

Aaron Hench, Music Education 2015

Kylie Hewitt, Music Education 2015

Sean Woody, Criminal Justice 2015

Amanda Zorzi, Music Therapy 2016

Madison Buck, Musical Theatre 2017

Mack Meyer, Music Education 2017

CJ Hartung, Vocal Performance 2018

Alec Pfeiffenberger, Risk Management 2019

Alex Dovgala-Carr, Music Therapy 2017

Nell Hoban, Biology 2018

Evan Weisblatt , Music Education & Vocal Performance 2017

Monica Wilbur, Music Education 2017

Kyle Dunn, Vocal Performance 2020